Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I Have New Babies!

This little girl is Flower and yes she's a hairless rat. Isn't she cute though?

And this is Scribbles and he's a male. 

They are both about 6 months old and so now I have 4 rats in my family. Scribbles looks a little like Lucky in the face and if this little monkey will sit still long enough for me to get a picture of his face I will post one. 

I adopted them from a family friend who no longer had the time to care for them. 

Flower is the first hairless rat I've ever had so expect at least one article about hairless rats coming from me sometimes soon, after I've done some research.

I bought a large box of 24 fleece throw blankets in various colors and made sure there were some pink ones in there for my new girl's cage. Now I know I have enough blankets for the cage cleanings plus I had to replace some of those old holey blankets that Marbles and Lucky love to chew on. lol 


  1. Welcome Flowers and Scribbles. Very cute, Mary, and I look forward to getting to know them via your photos.

  2. Flowers and Scribbles are adorable! Welcome to the family :)

  3. Bet they will be as happy as can be and can chew a few holes too

  4. I admire Flower's confidence. Her pic is put on the Internet and she is all skin yet I see nothing but confidence… :)

  5. Shelley- Thanks. You know I'll be posting lots of pictures.

    Keith- Thanks. :)

    Pat- lol yeah they already are.

    Slamdunk- lol She's very confident.

  6. glad you are able to give them a good home!

  7. They're wonderful!! I love Flowers and her nekkid little self.


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