Monday, October 27, 2014

Ambien: My Experience with This Sleep Medication

I was prescribed Ambien a few years ago for insomnia problems. I was told by my physician that I should only take it if I can devote a full 8 hours to sleep, and that I may experience minor side effects like a drugged feeling if I didn't get the full 8 hours of recommended sleep and some people have reported sleep walking.

I took my tablet that first night and waited to get tired, waited for something to happen. I felt nothing for about two hours, then suddenly I felt lightheaded and when I attempted to walk to the bedroom I bumped into the furniture.

The next night after taking the Ambien, I went straight to bed and laid down. I didn't get to sleep right away, it must have taken at least an hour before I stopped looking at the clock, when I woke the next morning and could hardly keep my eyes open. I had an incredibly hard time waking up.

My husband caught me walking to the front door and opening it, just standing there in a daze, a few hours after taking the Ambien and for whatever reason waking up. I've also gotten out of bed to turn on every single light in my house and then come back to bed.

I've taken the Ambien tablet and stayed awake for a few hours. Because I don't feel the effects of it while I'm sitting down, I could be at the computer typing emails that make absolutely no sense and mailing them out before I go to bed, only to have family members emailing me the next day asking me if I had been drinking the night before.

I talked to my doctor about what has been happening to me and she told me that there have been reports of people making food, sleep walking, making phone calls, mailing emails and never remembering doing so the next day. One time after taking this medication I took all of the labels off of every bottle in the bathroom and put them in a neat pile in the middle of the floor and went back to bed. I also got up one night after taking this medication and stabbed myself in the leg with a steak knife. Not bad enough to need stitches but bad enough that I bled all over my night clothes after going back to bed.

Ambien can be habit forming and should only be used for short periods of time for the treatment of insomnia. You should tell your doctor if you have any side effects that are bothersome to you.

*Update: I no longer take this medication due to the side effects*


  1. Damn, I'll never ever take that. Who knows what I'd do in the middle of the night

    1. You might end up on YouTube and sue yourself haha

  2. I've taken Ambien before, but only when I desperately needed it, and after it served its purpose I called it quits. My side effects weren't nearly as bad as yours; some of them are kinda comical, however that steak knife things is downright scary. Do you still suffer from insomnia?

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads.

  3. Wow, that's scary. I've heard stories about people sleep walking after taking this, but never actually knew anyone who had experienced this. If you asked me to pick between insomnia and stabbing myself while sleep walking... well, I'd pick the insomnia hands down!

  4. I try to avoid any meds I can. So scary what they can cause.

  5. I would never take anything strong. I never try to rely on them for a extended period of time.

  6. Pat- I wouldn't advise taking it.

    Carmel- I do still have insomnia. I usually sleep in 2 hour increments. I wake up all night long.

    A Beer For The Shower- Yeah I picked insomnia too. lol

    Anna- I don't take any meds now.

    Adam- I don't take anything now either.

  7. That's quite a story, Mary. So if I were to take those pills and send someone some hate mail... would I be liable, you think? ;)

  8. i do believe this is the same sleep aid that another blogger took and ended up on-line shopping each time w/o recollection of it.


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