Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Review: Candy Jar

I first saw Candy Jar on fb and decided to click on the ad to see what it was all about. After reading that the site lets you pick the candy that you want and you can get scoops *about a handful* of a lot of different candy, I knew I was going to order a Candy Jar. You can order three different sizes with a different number of scoops for each jar. I decided on the 16 scoops. There are 8, 16 and 32 scoops that you can choose from. The 16 scoops that I decided on is $29.99. When my Candy Jar arrived most of the candy was already in the jar but not all of it fit because some candies are larger than others. Each scoop of candy is packaged and you can choose how to display it or which ones to put into your jar. 

I decided on trying 16 different types of candy and opened all the packages that had the wrapped candy and put that in the jar first. Of course I sampled some of the candy as I added it to the jar, you know just to make sure it was fresh and tasted good. My husband was sampling the goods as well and all I heard from him was, "MMMmm good, this is good, yeah I like this one too." LOL

They have page after page after page of candy to choose from, so you're sure to find candies that you'll love. It took me a while to pick just 16 of the candies that I wanted to try because some of them I'd never heard of. If you'd like to visit them and check out what they offer, you can find them on Facebook as well as at their Website


  1. that's good that they give some variety

  2. Yummy! I'd so be like hubby. Ooo I like this one and this one and this one ;)

  3. Something for everyone within

  4. I really only ever eat chocolate, but looking at your choices (sunkist fruit gems and the peppermint puffs) I could be talked into a piece or two!

  5. Adam- Yeah a big variety.

    Anna- lol I limited myself to just three pieces...today. lol

    Pat- Yep, so far 2 people have come over and had a little candy snack.

    Bijoux- lol I really like those two. Good choices.

  6. I love gummy candy so those fruit slices made my mouth water!

  7. I felt like this about my Gran's candy jar. She always put a variety in there to fish out and try.

  8. Steph- I love gummi candy too. These were really good.

    Keith- lol Yep, I couldn't pass this up.

    Sophia- And now I'm the grandma and I always have a candy jar available.


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