Thursday, March 05, 2015

New Laptops and Security Certificate Errors

So my old laptop was freezing, was slow and I was just having problem after problem with it. So I bought a new Acer laptop and I got it yesterday. I was so happy...

Then I hooked it up, turned it on and tried getting on the internet and while I could connect to the internet, all these security certificate error pop up kept popping up at every page and with them I wasn't able to download anything. I tried downloading Google Chrome but the pop ups and certificate error messages kept me from being able to download anything. So I called my ISP- Centurylink.

I was on the phone with a Centurylink tech person for over an hour yesterday and she has me Ping this and NSlookup that and had me into little black boxes that I didn't even knew were on my computer. She told me it was a DNS server issue but after an hour she couldn't figure out what the problem was so she was going to have another tech person called me back in 24 hours.....

So today I Googled Security Certificate Error popups and found one tech guy that said to make sure that the date and time were correct on your new computer. I look down and see the date is set to 2013 and think to can't possibly be that easy, can it?

I change the date and time and restart the laptop and all the pop ups have disappeared. I was even able to download Google Chrome. Sheesh maybe I should be a tech person because the last few times I've had a computer problem, I figured it out myself by Googling the problem.


  1. OMG!!! good to know! sheesh!

  2. TexWisGirl- Right? I couldn't believe that it was such a simple fix.

  3. lmao, it is usually something simple

  4. that's kind of weird that the problem was something so simple.

  5. Pat- It wasn't funny at the time but I'm glad now I know for future reference.

    Adam- I'm just glad I was able to figure it out because I am not computer genius at all.

  6. You know, where I work, the tech people have this list they go through when you call and I used to roll my eyes at the simple stuff like: is it on? is it plugged in? etc. But after a few times of seeing that lots of trouble were really simple things, I realized that their way of getting to the problem really wasn't insulting to the intelligence after all. Glad yours was a simple fix and didn't require sending it back to the company.

  7. I don't know what we did before Google. I Google everything.

  8. Google is our friend! I can't believe how much stuff I've fixed around the house, thanks to Google.

  9. Sophia- I'm really glad of that too.

    Shelley- I usually do too.

    Bijoux- I feel the same way.


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