Thursday, March 05, 2015

Zombie Bee's: The Zombie Apocalypse Has Begun

*Photo credit Sputniktilt via Wikimedia Commons*

A small parasitic fly could be to blame for the decline in honey bee's that we've been hearing so much about for the past few years. It has recently been discovered that a small parasitic fly is using honey bee's in much the same way as the Aliens used humans in the movie, "Alien".

How Are The Parasitic Flies Affecting The Honey Bee?
A small adult female lands on the back of a honeybee and injects eggs into the bee's abdomen. The eggs hatch into maggots and eat the insides of the bee's....killing them.

After consuming their host, the maggots pupate, forming a hard outer shell that looks like a fat, brown grain of rice. Adult flies emerge in three to four weeks. Bee's that have been infected by the parasitic fly will leave their hives at night, which is something most bee's don't do and will gather around lights. The infected bee's also fly erratically and move in ways bee's don't usually move, much like what we think a Zombie would move.

When a honey bee usually dies they drop to the ground, curl up and die. But bee's infected with this parasite, keep trying to move, move erratically and try to fly at night which is something most honey bee's don't do.

Honey Bee Colonies On The Decline
The news agencies have been reporting how the honey bee colonies are on the decline in recent years due to a mysterious ailment called colony collapse disorder, which causes all the adult honey bees in a colony to suddenly die.

I don't know if this new threat has anything to do with the decline of the honey bee colonies or the Zombie Apocalypse but the Federal Government must think it's something to be concerned about since according to The Daily Caller, "Most believe zombies are relegated to the movies and video games, but Oklahoma Republican Sen. Tom Coburn has highlighted the Department of Homeland Security's participation in a staged "zombie apocalypse."

According to Coburn's most recent oversight report "Safety at Any Price: Assessing the Impact of Homeland Security Spending in U.S. Cities," first responders were approved grant funds for a $1,000 entry fee to a week-long HALO Counter-Terrorism Summit in San Diego where the "marquee" event was a demonstration of a "zombie apocalypse.""


  1. My lord...Tom Coburn needs to be removed from office lol

    1. apparently he has announced his retirement.

      Though he'll probably be replaced by someone younger and about the same IQ

  2. lol what a moron. That is kind of nasty about the bees though, maggots eww

  3. honey bees don't need any more enemies than they already have.

  4. Keith- LOL

    Pat- Yeah, it's just gross.

    TexWisGirl- True.

  5. Interesting post. Honey is cure for so many ills, I wouldn't want any enemies for the honey bees.


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