Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Review: Julienne Vegetable Peeler by Pridebit

Product Description
 EFFICIENT AND EASY TO USE - The Pridebit Julienne Peeler's sharp blades take the skin off fruit, vegetables and even squash quickly and easily. It juliennes carrots and other hard vegetables effortlessly. The two-in-one blade is versatile: peel with one side, julienne with the other. When you're done, just pop it in the dishwasher. Prepping great food at home has never been easier.
 BASIC KITCHEN TOOL FOR A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE - Fitness experts recommend eating about 2 ½ cups of vegetables and 2 cups of fruit every day. Use the Pridebit julienne peeler to quickly prep the food you need to hit your nutritional targets.
 PROFESSIONAL QUALITY - The Pridebit Dual Julienne & Vegetable Peeler is made from high-quality stainless steel that maintains sharpness even after washing in the dishwasher.
 FREE RECIPE BOOK - Looking for inspiration for healthy, tasty new dishes? We offer a FREE recipe book to all of our customers so that you can get the most use out of your julienne peeler!

My Review
I opened the box as soon as it came in the mail because ever since I saw this product, I've been wanting to try it out. 

As you can see this peeler works exactly like it says it will. I was able to make julienne and thin slices of carrot so easily. Cutting this carrot into pieces you see above took me just a couple of minutes. The thin slices are perfectly thin and it cut all the way down the carrot so this will be great for things like stir fry. What I really love and am excited about is the julienne feature. Look at those great julienne slices of carrot! I like to cut vegetables up into small slices to give to my rats because rats are supposed to have fresh fruit and vegetables everyday. Well this peeler just made my work so much easier.

And the best part is my rats love the tiny rat sized portions. I could hardly wait to give Scribbles a few julienne pieces of carrot and after sniffing around my hand to make sure that I hadn't hidden a yogi in there somewhere, he took the carrots. 

Flower isn't as picky and she took the carrots right away. As you can see these julienne pieces of carrot are exactly the right size for tiny rats hands. 

This julienne vegetable peeler is made really well. This thing isn't going to break anytime soon and it comes with a cleaning brush to get into those hard to reach places especially on the julienne side. I will be using this peeler especially the julienne side for making julienne vegetables for lettuce wraps, stir fry vegetables, rat snacks, and salads. This vegetable peeler is really easy to use too, it practically glides over the vegetables and is so easy to use and cut them.

If you would like to buy this product you can visit Amazon to get the Julienne Vegetable Peeler

You can also visit their PrideBit website. 

Disclaimer: I was given this product for free in exchange for my honest review. 


  1. I didn't know a product existed that did those two things. I still have an old fashioned peeler, but was thinking of trying one of the wider kind.

  2. Chopping carrots with ease, works for me

  3. I have to be honest, everytime I've tried to use a peeler, it ended up being thrown in the trash because it totally scuked. (lol) This one looks really neat and glad it does what it says. Where in the world did you find a hairless rat? Inquiring minds want to know. (lol) He looks like he's enjoying those carrots! Hugs...

  4. i think this tool is in the right hands. yay for rat treats! :)

  5. I haven't used a vegetable peeler in a long time, but I've been wanting to get one. I love the picture of Flower nibbling on the carrot. :)

  6. Bijoux- I didn't know about this until I saw it either. I love this peeler though.

    Pat- So much quicker than doing it without one of these.

    RO- The only other peeler that I have that I really like is my ceramic one. This one is awesome though. My hairless girl, I rescued her and Scribbles from a lady who no longer wanted her.

    TexWisGirl- The rats are definitely going to love this with all the treats they are going to be getting.

    Chrys- I would highly recommend this one. It's not flimsy at all and works so easily. Thanks, Flower is my little sweetheart.

  7. I'm amazed it works as well as you say. I thought it looked more like a ladyshave!

  8. This sounds like a great thing to add to my kitchen. i would love a better to peel potatoes.

  9. I've had some good peelers, but they are only for peeling not for julienne as well I think. This one looks really neat and handy and I love the pictures of your rats. Our rats are picky and don't like carrots, although they eat red bell pepper now and then. Flower looks really happy with those thin slices of carrot!

  10. I could definitely use this for stir fry along with coleslaw and a few other dishes. So cute to see your rats enjoying the easier slices too.

  11. Nice! I love those. I have one that came in a set from a few years back and it really is great for stir fry or salads :)

  12. Gorilla- So am I. So many times gadgets don't work as well as I would hope.

    Sandy- I love this peeler. Definitely a keeper.

    Lola- Thanks, I put my rats in there as much as possible to show off how cute they are.

    Sophia- I am so going to make some stir fry soon.

    Anna- Thanks. I'm having fun with this one.


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