Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Review: Miner's Sourdough Bread by Old Town Baking Company

Back when I was a kid living in California, my parents used to buy Pioneer sourdough bread. But now as an adult my brother and I can't find that bread anywhere and even my dad misses it. So when my brother and sister in law went to a farmer's market in California a few weeks ago my brother spotted this bread and bought a loaf hoping it would taste something like the Pioneer sourdough that we cannot find anymore. Imagine his surprise when this bread tasted almost exactly like the sourdough bread he's been looking for. 

He called me that night and told me that he'd found a Sourdough bread that tasted just like the one we were looking for and gave me the name. I was excited when I thought I might be able to order it or find it in a store near me but they only sell it to a few certain restaurants and at Farmer's Markets in certain locations. So my brother was nice enough to get me and our dad two loaves each and mail it to us. 

I have to say, it really is one of the best sourdough breads I've ever had. So if you're at a Farmer's market and happen to see this Miner's Sourdough bread being sold there, I'd buy a loaf. It might just be the best sourdough bread you've ever had.

If you are in California and would like to see their Farmer's Market schedule, you can find it here

And they have a FB Page


  1. I enjoy using sourdough bread for my corn beef or pastrami sandwiches and this sounds quite yummy! Hugs...

  2. RO- Oh now you've gone and made me hungry. That sounds so good.

  3. Yummy! I do like sourdough bread. :)

  4. We sometimes eat sourdough when on vacation in germany, they have great sourdough. Although I don't like all types, I have eaten a few sourdough breads I didn't like as well, it really depends on the type/ brand. I am glad you found this bread and it tastes as good as the bread you ate when younger. It's so nostalgic to eat something you used to love when younger.

  5. Wow! Always exciting to find a childhood favorite.

  6. never had the sourdough kind

  7. Don't think I've ever had sourdough bread

  8. How wonderful that your brother found what you have been looking for and sent some to you! Thanks for the recommendation. :)

  9. I grew up in Cali too and we got sourdough at the market on the wharf. Yummo. I'll bet Miner's is only out west. ):

  10. Chrys- I do too.

    Lola- It was a nice treat.

    Bijoux- It really was.

    Adam- You should try it.

    Pat- You make me wonder what you do eat. Everything I bring up you either don't like or have never had. lol

    DMS-You're very welcome.

    Sophia- Oh yes, I loved going to the wharf when I was a kid.

  11. I love it when you're able to find something that you've missed from years before hand.

    For me it's these noodles which I used to get as a teenager which they stopped making. Whenever I'm in a supermarket I check out the packet noodles, just on the off chance that I might find them again!

  12. this is amazing sourdough!!! cali is the best food state


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