Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Book Review: Beyond The Veil


Book Description

A new slayer desperate to prove herself. A cursed vampire king waiting to be awakened. A kiss that would change everything.

I’m Delia Adams, daughter of the greatest slayer to have ever come out of Mallory Falls. I’ve been beaten down, broken, and told I wasn’t good enough while training to follow in my father's footsteps, but here I am, ready to set out on my first mission. The problem? I’ve been tasked with killing the vampire king of Velum Mortis. Yeah, it kind of feels like I’m being set up to fail.

Now, standing in front of the slumbering king, desperate to prove myself, I prepare to shove my sword right through his heart and claim my first victory. I’m a slayer. He’s a vampire. It’s my duty to kill him.

So then why is the urge to abandon my mission and kiss him so damn strong?

Beyond the Veil is an adult vampire romance novel that was loosely based on the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. It contains mature content, adult language, and violence. Though this is the first book in the Vampires of Velum Mortis series, it can be read as a standalone.

My Review

Delia was raised by the vampire hunters and taught to hate them, kill them and even got engaged to another vampire hunter who is her mentor. She is sent on her first mission to kill the sleeping vampire king, Liam. But when she gets there things go wrong in every way they can. She can't find it inside her self to kill him and instead she thinks he's the most beautiful man she's ever seen and decides to kiss him which breaks a curse that was put upon him by a witch. 

Delia finds out she's been lied to from the very start and if she's just been given all the information about herself, things might have gone differently. She finds out she's been betrayed over and over again by the people she thought she could trust. She has no where to turn but Liam and he's quite smitten with her and swears she's going to be his queen, his mate but she can't see that happening even though he's gorgeous and seems different from the vile, dangerous creatures that she's been trained to believe vampires are. 

Both Delia and Liam have a big fight on their hands not only from the vampire hunters but also from the other vampires who might not want Liam to come back and take over again. This book had romance, secrets, betrayal, great action scenes, and two main characters who were destined to find each other. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. 


  1. It sounds an interesting take on a familiar tale.

  2. Love that it has all those exciting elements going for it.

  3. Another win for you

  4. Sounds good, many thanks for your review.

    All the best Jan

  5. I like the premise of a sleeping vampire king. Not your typical story line.

  6. It has so much going for it.

  7. Sort of a lesson in questioning things you've been told are true, but don't know for yourself.

  8. This book has it all - action, romance, betrayal, and ..a happy end. Great review, Mary!

  9. That does sound pretty good and it was close to a five.

  10. Great review of this interesting book.

  11. Oh, this sounds pretty good. Will the story continue in another book?

  12. Sounds like a great vampire romance!


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